Enkeling is het alias van Symen Veenstra. Hij is illustrator en werkt vanuit Haarlem. Zijn werk vond o.a. zijn weg naar kranten, tijdschriften, websites, jaarverslagen en folders. Hij maakte illustraties voor o.a. Actimel, Adobe, Blaadje, BNO, Bright, Cast Iron, COC, Custo Barcelona, Defiant.tv, Geldgids, Havana, ING, Vara’s Kassa, Kop of Munt, La Vie en Rose, Maandag, NRC Handelsbald, nrc.next, Noordkaap, OOM, het Parool, Seat, Shell, Sprout, T-mobile, TNT, en YouTube. Daarnaast maakt hij vrij werk. Een gedeelte van zijn typografisch werk heeft hij inmiddels geëxposeerd.
Enkeling is the AKA of Symen Veenstra. He is an illustrator who works in Haarlem. His work appears in papers, magazines, websites, annual reports and folders. He made illustrations for a diverse range of clients.

Holiday Greetings

holiday, vakantie, germany, Bad Laasphe, sonnenstudio, rain, greetings, Enkeling, 2010

Hello everybody, just got back from holiday. You should have been there… Back to work now, hope to post some new stuff in the near future.

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snowface, glasbak, sneeuw, Terschelling, Enkeling, 2010

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I Heart Snow

I Heart Snow, hart, sneeuw, Terschelling, Enkeling, 2009

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offergave, painting, drowning, waves, help, sacrifice

materials used: acrylic paint, ecoline, Posca, pencil

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Background For an Unknown Foreground

background for a painting that’s yet to be made

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Enkeling on Flickr

I started a Flickr account a while ago. There isn’t much to see there that isn’t on this site but it seems to be a nice way of finding a new audience.
You can, however, look at my work in a slideshow, which may be nice.

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Libération toujours

French newspaper Libération mentioned me amongst other artists in this interesting article about spam as inspiration for the arts.
Written by Astrid Girardeau.
If your french is as good as mine you might want to feed the text into Babelfish or a similar translator.

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That’s cool pt. 2

The daily illustration and cartooning blog Drawn, a site you should be checking, has posted about my spam series.

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801 magazine

801 Spring 2007 Music Issue

Graduate students at Columbia University’s School of Journalism in New York made a music magazine. They asked me if they could use some of my older images and so Hanging On The Telephone [in a different color scheme] went on the cover and Recht van de winkelstraat inside. More on 801mag here.

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That’s cool!

Drawn, Time Magazine, blog, Symen Veenstra, Hall of Veen, Nevelsektor, Enkeling, 2006

The daily illustration and cartooning blog Drawn, which has just been listed in the 50 Coolest Websites of 2006 by Time Magazine, has posted an item about my site.

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Here’s an English translation of an interview I did with a magazine called Friesland Post.

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I just found out that “ankling” is […] Dropping the heel below the level of the toes when pedaling at the eleven, twelve, and one o’clock positions rather than leaving the foot in a toe-down position throughout the entire pedal stroke […]. It looks like this:

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Sorbo here, Sorbo there

In my neverending quest for weird techniques to make drawings I found the Sorbo® Quick & Easy. “The Sorbo® Quick & Easy is more than just a washing-up brush! This handy washing-up brush is fitted with its own reservoir and measured dosage pump enabling you to apply always the right amount of washing-up liquid.” Of course I filled it with ink instead of soap. Turns out to be great for creating backgrounds as in enkeling.nl or arbeidsmarkt. Yesterday I filled it with a combination of wine and acrylic paint. Combined with the residue of ink it created an interesting effect.

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