Enkeling is het alias van Symen Veenstra. Hij is illustrator en werkt vanuit Haarlem. Zijn werk vond o.a. zijn weg naar kranten, tijdschriften, websites, jaarverslagen en folders. Hij maakte illustraties voor o.a. Actimel, Adobe, Blaadje, BNO, Bright, Cast Iron, COC, Custo Barcelona, Defiant.tv, Geldgids, Havana, ING, Vara’s Kassa, Kop of Munt, La Vie en Rose, Maandag, NRC Handelsbald, nrc.next, Noordkaap, OOM, het Parool, Seat, Shell, Sprout, T-mobile, TNT, en YouTube. Daarnaast maakt hij vrij werk. Een gedeelte van zijn typografisch werk heeft hij inmiddels geëxposeerd.
Enkeling is the AKA of Symen Veenstra. He is an illustrator who works in Haarlem. His work appears in papers, magazines, websites, annual reports and folders. He made illustrations for a diverse range of clients.

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Man Just Sitting There

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It’s The New Style

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Margje Muusse

Margje Muusse

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Ben Kremer

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Based on one of the many, many s*p*a*m comments I get.

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Based on one of the many, many s*p*a*m comments I get.

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Reden 4

cartoon for OOM.
Translation: You realize like no other that it‘s important to keep up in your trade.
“Ha ha ha! What’s that thing on your head man?”

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Reden 3

cartoon for OOM.
Translation: You feel that you are capable of much more than you’re doing right now.
“Personally I am of the opinion that I, in view of my intellectual abilities, could show to better advantage on a more advanced labour level.”

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Reden 2

cartoon for OOM.
Translation: You feel it’s inspiring to be in touch with colleagues from other companies so you’ll learn how they solve problems.
“There! We won’t be having any problems with him anymore!”

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Reden 1

cartoon for OOM.
Translation: Top 4 reasons to take a course
1. You want to be able to solve problems without the help of others.

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Keys In Space

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Illustration for Metaaljournaal. A larger version can be found in my portfolio.

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