Enkeling is het alias van Symen Veenstra. Hij is illustrator en werkt vanuit Amsterdam. Zijn werk vond o.a. zijn weg naar kranten, tijdschriften, websites, jaarverslagen en folders. Hij maakte illustraties voor o.a. Actimel, Adobe, Blaadje, BNO, Bright, Cast Iron, COC, Custo Barcelona, Defiant.tv, Geldgids, Havana, ING, Vara’s Kassa, Kop of Munt, La Vie en Rose, Maandag, Noordkaap, OOM, het Parool, Seat, Shell, Sprout, T-mobile, TNT, en YouTube. Daarnaast maakt hij vrij werk. Een gedeelte van zijn typografisch werk heeft hij inmiddels geëxposeerd.
Enkeling is the AKA of Symen Veenstra. He is an illustrator who works in Amsterdam. His work appears in papers, magazines, websites, annual reports and folders. He made illustrations for a diverse range of clients.

Lago Maggiore

Another cover version of the cover of a folder for a local take-away restaurant. Again I used the same dimensions, and all of the text.

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Man Reading Newspaper [4]

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Based on a quote by Silke van Elsen, who is a Visual Merchandise Manager.
Translation: “It’s a huge change from hiphuggers to high waist pants, but we will all have to fall in line.”

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Reading Room

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Girl Drawing in the Reading Room

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Interieur [day two, finished]

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Growth is Scary

based on a quote by Tom Waits

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Your Brain On Drugs

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Man Reading Magazine [2]

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Man Reading Newspaper [3]

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Man Reading A Book

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Man Reading Newspaper [2]

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Kerklaan Express

Kerklaan Express, typography by Enkeling

I got a folder of a take away restaurant in my mailbox and decided to recreate the front of it, with all the text and the same size, but using hand drawn lettering. So there went my day, pretty time consuming.

Update: This restaurant no longer exists.

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Woman Reading Magazine

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That’s cool!

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The daily illustration and cartooning blog Drawn, which has just been listed in the 50 Coolest Websites of 2006 by Time Magazine, has posted an item about my site.

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